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Latest 300-206 practice exam questions and answers (15Q&As)

Which RADIUS attribute can be used to dynamically assign the Inactivity active timer for MAB users from the Cisco ISE
A. radius-server timeout
B. idle-timeout attribute
C. session-timeout attribute
D. termination-action attribute
300-206 exam Correct Answer: B

When you select Centralized Web Auth in the ISE Authorization Profile, which two components host the web
authentication portal? (Choose two.)
B. the WLC
C. the access point
D. the switch
E. the endpoints
Correct Answer: BD

Which command defines administrator CLI access in ACS5.x?
A. Application reset-passwd acs username
B. username username password password role admin
C. username username password plain password role admin
D. password-policy
3 Correct Answer: C

What are two possible reasons why a scheduled nightly backup of ISE to a FTP repository would fail? (Choose two.)
A. ISE attempted to write the backup to an invalid path on the FTP server.
B. The ISE and FTP server clocks are out of sync.
C. The username and password for the FTP server are invalid.
D. The server key is invalid or misconfigured.
E. TCP port 69 is disabled on the FTP server.
Correct Answer: AC

Which model does Cisco support in a RADIUS change of authorization implementation?
A. push
B. pull
C. policy
D. security
Correct Answer: A

Which two conditions are valid when configuring ISE for posturing? (Choose two.)
A. Dictionary
B. member Of
C. Profile status
D. File
E. Service
Correct Answer: DE

In AAA, what function does authentication perform?
A. It identifies the actions that the user can perform on the device.
B. It identifies the user who is trying to access a device.
C. It identifies the actions that a user has previously taken.
D. It identifies what the user can access.
Correct Answer: B

A user is on a wired connection and the posture status is noncompliant. Which state will their EPS session be placed in?
A. disconnected
B. limited
C. no access
D. quarantined
Correct Answer: D

What are the initial steps must you perform to add the ISE to the WLC?
1. With a Web browser, establish an HTTP connection to the WLC pod.
2. Navigate to Administration andgt; Authentication andgt; New.
3. Enter server values to begin the configuration.
1. With a Web browser, establish an FTP connection to the WLC pod.
2.Navigate to Security andgt; Administration andgt; New.
3.Add additional security features for FTP authentication.
1. With a Web browser, establish an HTTP connection to the WLC pod.
2. Navigate to Authentication andgt; New.
3. Enter ACLs and Authentication methods to begin the configuration.
1. With a Web browser connect, establish an HTTPS connection to the WLC pod.
2. Navigate to Security andgt; Authentication andgt; New.
3. Enter server values to begin the configuration.
300-206 exam Correct Answer: D

Which remediation type ensures that Automatic Updates configuration is turned on Windows clients per security policy to remediate Windows clients for posture compliance?
A. AS Remediation
B. File Remediation
C. Launch Program Remediation
D. Windows Update Remediation
E. Windows Server Update Services Remediation
Correct Answer: D

You have configured a Cisco ISE 1.2 deployment for self-registration of guest users. What two options can you select from to determine when the account duration timer begins? (Choose two.)
A. CreateTime
B. FirstLogin
C. BeginLogin
D. StartTime Correct Answer: AB

Which type of access list is the most scalable that Cisco ISE can use to implement network authorization enforcement for a large number of users?
A. downloadable access lists
B. named access lists
C. VLAN access lists
D. MAC address access lists
Correct Answer: A

An organization has recently deployed ISE with Trustsec capable Cisco switches and would like to allow differentiated network access based on user groups. Which solution is most suitable for achieving these goals?
A. Cyber Threat Defense for user group control by leveraging Netflow exported from the Cisco switches and identity information from ISE
B. MACsec in Multiple-Host Mode in order to encrypt traffic at each hop of the network infrastructure
C. Identity-based ACLs preconfigured on the Cisco switches with user identities provided by ISE
D. Cisco Security Group Access Policies to control access based on SGTs assigned to different user groups
300-206 pdf Correct Answer: D

Which two Cisco ISE administration options are available in the Default Posture Status setting? (Choose two.)
A. Unknown
B. Compliant
C. FailOpen
D. FailClose
E. Noncompliant
Correct Answer: BE

Which command would be used in order to maintain a single open connection between a network access device and a tacacs server?
A. tacacs-server host timeout
B. tacacs-server host single-connection
C. tacacs-server host andlt;ip addressandgt;
D. tacacs-server host andlt;ip addressandgt; single-connection
300-206 examCorrect Answer: D

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