How Long Is the CCIE Exam Valid

How long is the CCIE valid? CCIE is an authorized IT Industry Certification in the world, and is one of the top certifications in the global Internetworking field. Today we will introduce the valid time of CCIE.

There is no doubt that CCIE Certification is not infinitely valid. The Internet Industry is changing instantly. In order to track the new technologies in real time and maintain the Internet technology level of experts holding the CCIE certificates, Cisco company will re-certificate CCIE certification each two years.

Moreover, the CCIE Written Test is also valid. It is valid for 18 months, which means that the candidate must take part in the first laboratory test to pass the CCIE Written Test within 18 months . If candidate fails the first test, they have to take a lab test every 12 months to keep the written test results valid. If the candidate fails to pass the lab test within three years, they will need to retake and pass the written test to qualify for the re-registration lab test. There is no limit on the number of written exams. If they pass the written test, you can join in the test again after 180 days. If they fails the written test , they can take the test again after 15 days.(Temporary Uncertainty)

It is important to remember that candidates have to re-certify the test if they  pass the CCIE written test and the laboratory test.