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200-125 exam

Merchant: Cisco
Déclaration: CCNA
Examination Name: CCNA Cisco Authorized Network Affiliate CCNA (v3. 0)
Audit Code: 200-125
Total Things: 966 Q&As
200-125 blues
Which connected with the pursuing describes often the roles involving devices with a WAN? (Choose 3. )
A good. A CSU/DSU terminates some digital neighborhood loop.
H. A device terminates the digital hometown loop.
Chemical. A CSU/DSU terminates a good analog regional loop.
Def. A device terminates some sort of analog hometown loop.
At the. A router is typically considered your DTE equipment.
F. Some router can be commonly regarded as a DCE device.
Proper Answer: Your, D, Age

QUESTION only two
A technique interface town has accidents detection as well as carrier realizing enabled about a shown twisted match network. Through this announcement, what is certainly known concerning the system interface dock?
A. This particular is some 10 Mb/s switch dock.
B. That is some 100 Mb/s switch opening.
C. This particular is the Ethernet vent operating within half de dos pisos.
D. That is a great Ethernet town operating on full de dos pisos.
E. This kind of is some sort of port about a multilevel interface sd card in your PC.
Right Answer: M

A router has couple of Fast Ethernet, interfaces as well as needs in order to connect towards four VLANs in the main local community. How will be able to you complete this activity, 200-125 blues using the particular fewest natural interfaces as well as without scaled-down network efficiency?
A. Usage a heart to get in touch the several VLANS by using a Quickly Ethernet program on the exact router.
Udemærket. Add a new second router to take care of the VLAN traffic.
F. Add not one but two more Swiftly Ethernet cadre.
D. Use a router-on-a-stick configuration.
Proper Answer: Deborah

Which Membrane 2 project encapsulation form supports synchronous and asynchronous circuits plus has builtin security things?
C. A. 25
G. Frame Communicate
Correct Reply to: B

Some switches are actually connected to be able to one one other via trunk area ports. If or when the standard switch setting, which change is selected as the exact root conduit for typically the spanning-tree case of VLAN 1?
Some sort of. the convert with the actual highest APPLE PC address
F. the move with the particular lowest MACINTOSH address
D. the change with the main highest IP address
G. the swap with the very lowest IP address
Right Answer: T

Host a single is wanting to talk with Variety 2. The very e0 user interface on Router C will be down.
200-125 dumps
Which will of the main following are usually true? (Choose two. )
A. Router C may use ICMP to notify Host a single that Coordinator 2 are unable to be got to.
B. Router C will certainly use ICMP to enlighten Router N that Variety 2 is unable to be achieved.
C. Router C will probably use ICMP to advise Host one particular, Router A good, and Router B that will Host a pair of cannot come to be reached.
N. Router M will give a Vacation spot Unreachable information type.
Age. Router D will deliver a Router Selection note type.
Farreneheit. Router J will transmit a Form Quench concept type.
Proper Answer: The, D

A good network supervisor is permits with the state the arrangement of the newly fitted host by simply establishing a good FTP network to a good remote machine. 200-125 places What is actually the highest possible layer connected with the method stack in which the technique administrator is normally using pertaining to this operations?
A. software
B. display
C. time
D. move
E. online world
F. information link
Perfect Answer: A good

QUESTION almost 8
Which a few statements correctly describe Part 2 Ethernet, switches? (Choose three. )
A. Occupying Tree Method allows changes to immediately share VLAN information.
T. Establishing VLANs increases the main number about broadcast areas.
C. Knobs that usually are configured utilizing VLANs help to make forwarding options based with both Tier 2 and also Layer several address details.
D. Microsegmentation decreases the particular number associated with collisions about the market.
E. With a accurately functioning system with obsolete switched ways, each transferred segment may contain a person root association with virtually all its places in the main forwarding express. All additional switches with that program domain is going to have just one underlying port.
S. If your switch becomes a body for a unknown vacation destination, it makes use of ARP in order to resolve often the address.
Accurate Answer: T, D, At the

Refer so that you can exhibit:
200-125 dumps
Which usually two desired destination addresses can be applied by Machine A in order to send records to Sponsor C? (Choose two. )
A. the very IP handle of Swap 1
T. the APPLE PC address involving Switch you
C. the very IP correct of Coordinator C
Deb. the MAC PC address associated with Host F
E. the main IP handle of the very router’s E0 interface
Y. the APPLE PC address regarding the router’s E0 slot
Correct Response: C, S

Which several statements regarding static observed in are valid? (Choose 3. )
Any. It applies consistent method determination.
F. It will be best implemented for small-scale deployments.
D. Routing is normally disrupted when ever links be unsuccessful.
D. It again requires far more resources rather than other direction-finding methods.
Electronic. It is normally best implemented for large-scale deployments.
P. Routers can easily use revise messages so that you can reroute if links forget.
Correct Remedy: ABC

With an Ethernet, network, within what a couple of scenarios might devices transfer? 200-125 places (Choose couple of. )
Your. when some people receive your special expression
B. as soon as there is normally a service provider
C. when ever they diagnose no various devices will be sending
Deborah. when the very medium is normally idle
Y. when the particular server funds access
Suitable Answer: Chemical, D

Around which 3 ways can be an IPv6 header not as much than a great IPv4 header? (Choose about three. )
A good. Unlike IPv4 headers, IPv6 headers get a solved length.
C. IPv6 purposes an add-on header as a substitute of the exact IPv4 Partage field.
J. IPv6 headers eliminate typically the IPv4 Checksum field.
N. IPv6 headers use typically the Fragment Countered field inside place connected with the IPv4 Fragmentation arena.
E. IPv6 headers work with a scaled-down Option industry size in comparison with IPv4 headers.
F. IPv6 headers apply a 4-bit TTL domain, and IPv4 headers implement an 8-bit TTL industry.
Correct Reply: ABC

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